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24 December 2011 @ 09:59 am
After talking with that smeargle (Luna?) for a little bit, Ryuzaki's come to the conclusion that if he's going to figure out anything here, he mind as well try one of these guild places. According to her, she 'learned a lot' from this 'Professor Mawile' (But really, professor?), and according to the paper...

He stood outside the stone building, looking up at it with a slight swallow. Not saying it out loud but... Well at his size, something of four floors meant to house most pokemon sizes was a little intimidating really. As it was, he steadied himself. Wasn't getting anything done standing out here..! "Okay... 'Mawile'," he repeated to himself. "Look for 'Mawile'..."

It has suddenly occurred to him that he has no idea what Mawile even looks like.
17 December 2011 @ 03:43 pm
This was many levels of strange. Where...and for that matter, what wad he? He recalled finding the strange object on the ground and picking it up, the questions from an unknown voice, and now this. He knew it wasn't coincidence.

Moving was problematic, because he was very low to the ground and not lifting his feet enough was common and he was tripping more than he was walking. But the one-eyed Pachirisu with the odd hairstyle was patient as he worked his way down the road to the town he could see, trying to keep his steps high enough..
17 December 2011 @ 11:09 am
[Be wary of the arcanine roaming nearby. Her movements are stiff, and she's rumbling a deep, abrasive growl. She's roaming the little town, looking crossly at the buildings, and taking in the scent.]

Where are the humans?

[Because buildings means humans.]
[Good morning, New Shaleton. Had a nice day so far? Peaceful, straightforward, maybe even productive or educational?

Well, whatever it is, your day is about to get a dose of something completely different. That something completely different, as always, comes in the form of a Smeargle with dirigible plum earrings.

Luna is wandering around the village today, but she's wandering with a purpose, with a bundle of large papers tucked under her arm. Carefully and deliberately, Luna visits every major building in New Shaleton - even and especially other guild buildings - to post one of her prizes on the wall. Anyone coming up to investigate will see the words "The Quibbler" printed across the top in big, bold letters, over several columns of tidy writing interspersed with the occasional drawing in blue. The paper covers most of the major events in New Shaleton so far, particularly the recent robberies from Kangaskhan, as well as covering more mundane news items like new delicacies on offer at the cafe, guild membership rosters (as well as Luna can assess them), job requests not yet fulfilled, and a cheerful welcome to any new residents.

The lack of Daddy's printing press has certainly hampered her, and her tiredness from training with Mawile and her other guildmates has led Luna to take her journalistic work at a much slower pace than she would ever have dared working with her father. But, working through the night, Luna has managed to make enough copies for each building to have its own, and even glue one to a tree in each of the residential districts.

The Smeargle is tired, but obviously content. Anyone who comes up to her will be greeted cheerfully and promptly offered a chance to read an "advanced copy" before she posts it. She's on an important mission, after all, bringing her Daddy's high standards of journalism to a strange new world, and she's proud of herself for it and hopeful for the Quibbler's new fortunes. The evening will find her up on Outlook hill, resting on her stomach in the grass and examining her own personal copy of the paper in the dying light. A good journalist always checks for errors, after all, and she only has six days until the next issue goes out!]

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13 December 2011 @ 02:16 pm
[Have Kyon, appearing to try and... shuffle around in this new form. He's a Swadloon, and his grumpy face matches the way that he's feeling right now.]

Dammit Haruhi! [He's still convinced that the girl has something to do with this, but he hasn't run into anyone he knows yet, so he's trying to figure things out on his own. After all, he did promise himself after last time...

Cue town.]

Ahh... well, there might be something to figure out here... [Continuing with inner-monologue, he approaches it.

Care to torture help him?]
10 December 2011 @ 12:19 pm
Kaldur felt strange as he woke from the dream about the badge and the mysterious voice. He did not remember falling asleep after picking up the badge from the floor of their base, but it had been a long night so perhaps he had been more out of it than he originally thought. That was easy enough to explain away, but Kaldur was not sure if he could explain away the mysterious voice. It had reminded him of M'gann's telepathy but he did not recognize the voice so it was not from her or any of the others that might have been connected to him in that way. Not to mention the strange questions that the voice had asked him. It never responded to the answers, just moved on to the next question without pause. Kaldur wondered if perhaps there was some meaning there, but it was a lot more pleasant than some of the nightmares that had plagued him as of late.

He started to drift more into consciousness and more strange things started to fall into place. Not only did he feel strange but the environment he was in did not feel at all like the confines of an underground base. No, it was far too airy and he could smell salt water nearby. He was most certainly not on a bed or the floor of the cave and this, above all else, is what made him sit up finally and look around. As soon as his eyes were open he knew something was wrong.

Kaldur looked down at his body and if he had not been awake before he was now. He examined his small paws covered in black fur that eventually became blue and looked over his shoulder to see that he now sported a beaver-like tail as well. Just to be sure he was actually seeing this right he flapped the tail up and down once before putting his face in his paws and taking a few deep breaths so that he did not freak out. No, there had to be an explanation for this new form and he was not going to find it if he panicked just now. He took a few more deep breaths before lifting his head again. He was not sure what sort of creature he was only that it was small, furry, and seemed to be at least partially aquatic which made him feel a tad bit better.

Now that he was looking up again Kaldur was able to see that his new environment was a Stone Garden and just past that a meadow leading out to what he presumed was the ocean. Cautiously he stood up, his movements slow as he adjusted to the feel of this body. It was strange having a tail, but at least he could stand upright. He noticed that he had none of his weapons or clothes for that matter but he supposed that made sense given that he was some sort of animal now. He blinked, however, when he saw that there were apparently two scallops attached to his lower limbs. He reached to touch them and realized he still had that strange badge in his hand.

Seeing the badge shocked him a bit, "Perhaps I am not dreaming after all." He stared at it for a long time. Between the badge, the smells, and how everything felt he had a hard time thinking it was a dream at all. Kaldur sighed again, tucking the badge away and then looking off into the distance, "I will learn nothing by standing here. I must try to find answers elsewhere." He would need to learn how this body operated as well and he could only hope that if he did find his friends or anyone for that matter, that they would be able to understand him and help him. With that decided, Kaldur walked slowly to the edge of the garden and headed for the ocean. A beach tended to be very populated and would be likely to have at least one or two people about. Of course, another reason was he felt a little more comfortable near the ocean and in this strange place and in this strange form he wanted anything that was the least bit familiar to him.
10 December 2011 @ 05:08 am
[It's been a couple of weeks since Vincent first arrived to New Shaleton. He hasn't yet worked up the nerve to leave town yet. Every time he nears the edge of the settlement, he hears a bird's haunting cry or a ferocious growl and before you know it, he's stumbling back towards civilization on shaky hooves. Fortunately one building is open later than most others and provides a welcome sanctuary for some of the time.

He is there presently, sipping on some cold juice with a wedge of some sort of citrus berry sitting on the edge of the glass. It's just not the same as sipping on a Cuba Libre, but the establishment is relaxed just like the Stray Sheep back home.]

...so you shouldn't sweat it. There are lots of strong and successful guys who are...pretty. Plus you said you got psychic powers. That's gotta count for something.

[And the bar patrons are easy to talk to. The teary-eyed Gardevoir sitting next to him beams at the Mareep, and gives him some coin for listening to his troubles. After a few moments, it gets its act together and leaves the bar.]

Didn't have to do that. Guess I should save this for something important. [He sighs and lays his head on the counter.] But I don't wanna head out just yet.
09 December 2011 @ 12:01 am
For the longest time after he (somehow) calmed himself down, he'd been feeling more than a little giddy. It was kind of like being five years old again and dreaming of being a 'dinosaur' when he 'grew up'. Except. This time he was technically in middle school and...

This was kinda real. He had a toothed beak, feathers and scales, claws on his wings (which looked about as useful as tying rocks to his arms, and were probably just as handy to grab things with), slit pupil eyes...

And after 'flexing' his claws for probably the tenth time as best he could, suddenly the somewhat crazed cheer of waking up as what he was assuming to be either a raptor-relative or an archaeopteryx came crashing down horribly.

Coming within relative distance of the village, he could very clearly see a number of its inhabitants moving up and down the roads. Most of which, obviously, did not look similar to any kind of dinosaur his mind could think of. Which meant that even the best of the worst case hadn't happened.

Which meant this was a nightmare and when the heck was he waking up. Which meant-

"C-Crap..." Ryuzaki swallowed, wings hanging limp at his sides as he slumped somewhat forward in shock. "What the heck's going on here..."
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07 December 2011 @ 03:34 pm
Satoshi had seen the jobs posted on the bulletin board and decided to take the one pursuing the Pidove to Breezy Moor. As he was, that seemed like the only one of the three he really had a decent chance of succeeding at. But he had thought that it would be wise to seek out some help in this and took some time to return to the exploration guild to ask about the dungeon and things he might need.

He hadn't yet visited Guildmaster Smeargle at the rescue guild about any abilities he might have, but that was something he still intended to do.

For now, he had at least become almost fully comfortable in his new body and could move around without his tail leaving paint trails and spatters everywhere he went. Which was good, because he didn't like the idea of anyone knowing where he'd been just by the shade of blue he had.
03 December 2011 @ 08:38 pm
[Allen was having a very rough time of this transformation business. First he'd had to adjust to being much closer to the ground than before, including running on his hands...paws...whatever... and having a tail to deal with, and now he was facing the prospect of starvation if he didn't admit to himself that he had a problem he couldn't fix himself by going into that nearby town. Hunting had turned out to be a catastrophic failure.]

Ouch... owww...

[His feet hurt so much right now from so much running around, trying to figure out what on earth he was going to do now. After determining that this was no trick from the Millennium Earl or his family of Noah, he'd tried to resolve his basic problem of an empty stomach. One couldn't think on an empty stomach, of course.

The problem was, he couldn't hunt. Trying to pounce on stuff and slipping, getting his claws caught in stuff... the only thing he'd managed to gain was sharp rocks in the pads of his paws and a few scrapes, and now his muscles were all store from the sudden strain. How on earth could cats and dogs run around on feet like this?]

I'm so hungry...

[Picking his way down a slope, he cringed and winced as his paws reacted painfully to the uneven ground. He didn't understand how he'd gotten to be here, but right now, why he was here and how he'd gotten here was second to getting something in his stomach so he could at least think clearly.]

One minute I'm trying to avoid the Earl and Apocryphos, and the next, I'm... here. And I'm so hungry!

[At the bottom of the slope, he encountered other creatures. He wasn't sure how to answer their inquiries, feeling a bit distrustful of any altruism, and the discomfort wasn't helping his mood any. The combination of an empty stomach, sore feet and a state of confusion bordering on panic (after all, how was he going to get back to his regular form so he could continue walking forward toward his goal of ridding the world of the Earl?) was making him feel anxious and cranky. His normally-high threshold for pain was woefully low right now.]


[Well, at least he didn't have to worry about anyone he knew seeing him in this embarrassingly cute form. In a weird sort of way, he was glad Lavi wasn't around to see this. He'd never hear the end of it!]
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